• Preferred Investors

    As one of the largest mortgage platforms in the United States, Lenders One is able to form strategic alliances with world-class secondary market investors.  These Preferred Investors provide the Members with superior loan pricing and other benefits ranging from product specials to service enhancements.  In turn, our Members support our Preferred Investors by selling them a huge volume of outstanding loans!  Lenders One always works with a world-class array of Preferred Investors and we are always on the cutting edge of new investors, new products and new opportunities.

  • Preferred Vendors and Service Providers

    As the largest alliance of independent mortgage bankers in the country, Lenders One works with a consortium of Preferred Vendors to lower the costs on products and services that our Members use every day.   Our Preferred Vendors provide our Members with discounted prices on mortgage products (appraisal products, title policies, credit reports, flood letters, mortgage leads etc.) and traditional business products (computers, office products, overnight mail, recruiting services, etc.) which helps our Members to lowers their costs and improves their profit margins.  In turn, our Members support our Preferred Vendors by buying a vast array of products and services from them.  Lenders One is constantly evaluating opportunities to add Preferred Vendors so as to ensure that our Members have access to the best products and services to run their thriving mortgage operation.