• National Sales

    Regional Map 1/2017

  • North

    Regional  Assignments: North

    This region consists of:  Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia

    Sales Team:

    Scott Keiter

    Regional Director

    Phone: 314-817-1263

    Mimi Paxson

    Regional Director

    Phone: 214-280-8088


  • Q: Why Lenders One?

    A: Lenders One was founded to help improve the profitability, efficiency and productivity of the independent mortgage banker.  We are the largest mortgage banking cooperative in the country, representing nearly 17% of the US originations market. That’s a lot of negotiating power. We know the industry, we’ve worked in the industry and we collaborate with our Members to create innovative solutions for the community mortgage banker. If your shop can benefit from a buffer against margin compression and market cycles, and if you could benefit from networking with nearly 300 peers from across the country and access to top industry advisors, call us today.

  • Q: Is Lenders One Right for me?

    A:  While we believe that every mortgage banker could benefit from our vision, we see tremendous success from Members who embrace collaboration, proactively seek out operational efficiency and best practices and are committed to compliance and customer service. If this is you, contact us today to learn more about membership qualifications and expectations.

  • Q: What is the average size of a Lenders One Member company?

    A: Lenders One Members represent the best in community lending. Our Members span the retail lending spectrum, from community banks to credit unions to independent shops with volume from $10M a month all the way up to more than $1B a month.

  • Q: Is there a cost to join Lenders One?

    A: Our Members pay annual dues and are expected to participate fully in Cooperative activities including the use of partners on our platform, attendance at our annual member conference and other program offerings.  We typically find that the revenue and savings opportunities offered through Lenders One completely offset the annual dues within the space of just a few months! Let us complete a Member Savings Model with you today and we can show you how your Membership may be the best investment you make this year!

  • Q: Who are the investors and partners on your platform?

    A: We have negotiated exclusive benefits with each of the partners on our platform, constantly looking for best-in-class solutions and optimizing for the best service levels and delivery options.  To learn more about the member and partner benefits available to Lenders One Members, contact us today.

  • Business Analytics

    We’ve got your number!  Find out how efficient you could be on a cost-per-loan basis. Your net efficiency could be 5 bps, 10 bps or up to 19 bps per loan.

    Our sales teams come from mortgage, technology, real estate and originations backgrounds and are trained to consult with each member on every facet of the business.  Working with our partners, we are committed to addressing margin compression and ensure each shop is operating at peak efficiency. Starting with the proprietary Member Savings Model, we input your data, then model and analyze your opportunities based on the services and programs on the Lenders One platform. Our teams deliver consultative, actionable recommendations to improve operational effectiveness. Lenders One Members earn more and save more on every loan they originate, up to 19 bps per loan! So what’s YOUR number? Find out with our MSM Widget and then call us for a more robust analysis.

  • Earn


    Lenders One Capital Markets

    With 30 preferred partners on our secondary platform providing enhanced revenue opportunities on the sale of your loans, you have a full spectrum of products available to meet your buyer needs. Our investor incentives are negotiated based on our collective annual origination volume of $200B. We attract top investors and they want Member loans. The more you sell to the Lenders One preferred investors, the more you earn.

  • Save


    Lenders One National Programs

    We anticipate, identify, negotiate and deliver discounts on more than 100 mortgage- and business-related services at nearly every stage of the origination process. Taking full advantage of the nearly 50 partners on our vendor platform, you could realize an efficiency of up to 14 bps PER LOAN.  See how it works on our business analytics page. Use the sample Member Savings Model to get started, then call us to find your number today!

  • Learn


    Networking. It’s the hidden benefit of a cooperative. Tap into the expertise of nearly 300 industry leaders who do what you do every day. Chances are they’ve come up against the same opportunities, the same challenges and the same scenarios. Find out what they did. Find out what they wish they had done. Find out how you can make better decisions using the power of the cooperative.

    Access. We facilitate hundreds of webinars, panels, sessions, bulletins and conference calls every year to connect Members to industry experts and related business leaders. Our bi-annual Member Conferences are second to none, offering exclusive meetings, education sessions and keynotes designed to give Members the tools they need to expand their knowledge. From keynotes by the CFPB, to QM sessions hosted by leading compliance attorneys to economic updates from Fannie Mae economists, Lenders One Members learn from and connect with the right expert at the right time.

    Productivity. Time is money, and the more time your teams spend putting loans into your pipeline, the more your volume grows. Lenders One Members enjoy productivity benefits that enhance every part of the sales process, from continuing education for loan officers to a Marketing Automation platform that efficiently manages your prospecting efforts and relationships.

  • Preferred Investors

    As one of the largest mortgage platforms in the United States, Lenders One is able to form strategic alliances with world-class secondary market investors.  These Preferred Investors provide the Members with superior loan pricing and other benefits ranging from product specials to service enhancements.  In turn, our Members support our Preferred Investors by selling them a huge volume of outstanding loans!  Lenders One always works with a world-class array of Preferred Investors and we are always on the cutting edge of new investors, new products and new opportunities.

  • Preferred Vendors and Service Providers

    As the largest alliance of independent mortgage bankers in the country, Lenders One works with a consortium of Preferred Vendors to lower the costs on products and services that our Members use every day.   Our Preferred Vendors provide our Members with discounted prices on mortgage products (appraisal products, title policies, credit reports, flood letters, mortgage leads etc.) and traditional business products (computers, office products, overnight mail, recruiting services, etc.) which helps our Members to lowers their costs and improves their profit margins.  In turn, our Members support our Preferred Vendors by buying a vast array of products and services from them.  Lenders One is constantly evaluating opportunities to add Preferred Vendors so as to ensure that our Members have access to the best products and services to run their thriving mortgage operation.

  • South

    Regional  Assignments: South

    This region consists of: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas

    Sales Team:

    Rhiannon Bolen

    Rhiannon Bolen

    Regional Director

    Phone: 314-817-1300

    Jason Johnson

    Jason Johnson

    Regional Director

    Phone: 214-930-4757

    Kris Willoughby

    Regional Director

    Phone: 214-907-2082

  • West

    Regional  Assignments: West

    This region consists of:  Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming

    Sales Team:

    Sam Ashton

    Regional Director

    Phone: 801-828-8797

    Ivet Oneth

    Regional Director

    Phone: 303-601-3205