• We Are Lenders One!

    Lenders One is a mortgage cooperative that works to help independent mortgage bankers operate competitively within the industry, and efficiently within their community.

  • We’ve Got Your Number!

    Lenders One Members earn more and save more on every loan they originate – up to 19 bps per loan.  Find out what your number is today!

  • We Can Improve Your Margins

    Lenders One Members enjoy cooperative benefits that allow them to take advantage of our collective buying power and deliver significant earnings and savings opportunities. Join today!

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      Decrease Expenses

      Lenders One delivers significant efficiency to each Member by negotiating exclusive supplier discounts, using the collective buying power of our 270+ Members, who represent nearly 14% of the total origination volume in the U.S.

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      Increase Revenue

      Lenders One taps the collective origination volume ($224B in 2013) of the Membership to create a correspondent marketplace of multiple investors and secondary marketing partners offering access to superior loan pricing and increased revenue.

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      Improve Productivity

      Lenders One Membership includes access to networking, training, analytics, technology platforms and industry experts to ensure each Member’s shop is operating at peak performance.

    • Since joining Lenders One, I have been able to get better pricing, and I’ve been a dominant player in my market.

      David Griege – Paramount Mortgage
    • Lenders One provides our company with a great combination of tools, vendor resources and timely educational opportunities that allow us to better manage our business.

      Richard Carrington – American Southwest Mortgage
    • I view (Lenders One) as a critical and essential bond of like minded mortgage professionals that provides opportunity for invaluable insight, networking and market intelligence on so many different levels. The staff at Lenders One have done an excellent job at creating real value for all of the Members.

      David Adamo – Luxury Mortgage
  • Lenders One News

    • The Power of WE


      The net effect of many, to the benefit of all, that’s the power of a cooperative. Lenders One harnesses that power to deliver industry-leading benefits that ensure the resources, opportunities and expertise are available to help each Member operate at maximum efficiency regardless of market cycle. We call them the benefits of Membership. We lead. We innovate. We collaborate. As the country’s largest mortgage cooperative, we deliver exceptional value at every level. We create extraordinary opportunities for independent mortgage bankers to leverage the cooperative to earn, save, learn, adapt and grow. Find out how you can become ONE of us.

    • Thriving After Adversity


      The market has shifted. Margins are compressed. Volume is down. All true. But what sets Lenders One Members apart is how they use the cooperative to approach adversity and find ways to succeed in any market cycle. Read CEO Jeff McGuiness’ recent Executive Essay in Mortgage Banking magazine to find out why Lenders One Members are best poised to survive . . . and thrive in a transitioning market.

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